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The Aspin® offering for the domestic market is a complete service offering. We offer a professional structural service including surveys carried out by our chartered engineers. For domestic design we can design all elements within the home environment. Typically works can include steel and concrete beams, masonry walls and domestic foundations.

We also provide a full design service leading to building regulations approval which is a standard requirement for any structurally significant works.

Discerning home-owners planning to invest in a new property or to embark on a major remodelling project of their current home should not embark on a project without first consulting a qualified structural engineers, says one of the region's leading businessmen.

Failure to do so, could cost a small fortune and buying a family property is the most important investment most people ever make and it is potentially the highest financial risk they ever take.

"It's essential that anyone planning to spend money on a new home or make substantial improvements should first have a comprehensive structural survey by somebody who is both qualified and experienced."

"Professional indemnity insurance is vital in any undertaking of this kind and that means employing a structural engineer with the right qualifications."

"For the home-owner, a mistake could prove costly in terms of both time and expense and could lead to a building disaster."

Aspin® Consulting Ltd offers an initial chat to discuss project options in a clear, no-nonsense manner.Our multidisciplinary team has experience and expertise in many specialist engineering disciplines.

Our domestic properties team offers a flexible, innovative and cost-effective service.

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