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Aspin Consulting strive for ‘Innovation through Design’ to ensure that practical, value engineered solutions are tailored for project specific environments and needs

At Aspin Consulting, we pride ourselves on our drive to meet the company’s key objective of being ‘Solution Providers’.

Too often designers, when questioned why their design has taken a particular form, respond “Because that’s how we’ve always done it”.

We frequently re-engineer existing designs to utilise cutting edge construction techniques and materials appropriate to the specific site constraints, often significantly reducing construction timescales and in all sectors we can have significant cost benefits to our clients.

In sectors such as Rail this can have significant cost benefits to our clients.

Aspin Consulting

From advisory and design to compliance and delivery, we provide tailor made solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Following on from successes in Railway Engineering, we expanded our innovative and cost-effective design services into commercial industries including building structures, waterways and highways, as well as the domestic housing market.

We are in a unique position as part of the Aspin Group, working hand in hand with our contracting divisions.  Regular face to face meetings with our installers gives our designers an edge over many consultants by allowing them better understanding of the difficulties and constraints on site and enabling them to produce practical designs that can be installed on time and to budget.

Collaboratively with Aspin Foundations, we have developed a number of products and designs that offer significant benefits over traditional solutions. Examples of these are:

Station Platforms

A modular system using precast concrete units with all finishes either cast in using a variety of coloured concretes and surface preparations. The exact specification can be tailored to suit the clients’ requirements. These are supported on frames that are designed to suit the site specific ground conditions.


An alternative to a traditional reinforced concrete gravity pad that requires no wet trades and that can be installed ‘green zone’.

LOC Staging

Fully redesigned from first principles to allow a LOC staging to be founded on a single pile.  We have taken our expertise, developed within the group, and offered the same level of service to external clients.

Designs are undertaken using the latest versions of software and the packages used are reviewed to ensure they provide the optimum solutions for our clients.

Drawings can be produced in Microstation or AutoCAD to suit client requirements and we run a range of structural and geotechnical design software packages including state of the art pile design software.

A recent development is the introduction of PLAXIS 3D, a finite element package capable of producing three dimensional ground models for the assessment of ground settlements, which can be used amongst other things, to assess load distribution through railway embankments.  This allows our engineers to determine which strata are influencing track displacements when under load, and where this is excessive, PLAXIS 3D can then model the remedial solutions and reassess the track deflections to prove the benefit.

Aspin Consulting

We offer the following services:


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Aspin provides extensive Consulting services to various sectors of industry - we have a highly experienced team of consultants in place across 7 UK locations.