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As the construction arm of the Aspin® Group, Aspin® Foundations can design and install a wide range of substructures and superstructures. Aspin® are leaders in innovation providing fit for purpose products. Solutions are based on the individual requirements of each unique site.

Through the Aspin® Group, we can offer our clients a one-stop service, from initial consultation though site investigation, design and installation to completion. It is our aim to provide the highest level of client service through-out the process.

We are keen to offer optimum results for clients, working with other organisations when required, to ensure the success of the overall project.

We are dedicated to being at the forefront of technology. Aspin® are committed to delivering solutions and providing excellent service.

Our specific service offerings include:

  • OLEMI Foundation:
  • Aspin® Foundations have the ability to drive piles and tubes, up to 762mm in diameter, into the most challenging ground conditions. Foundation applications include structures such as signal posts, gantries, overhead electrification masts and footbridges. The nature of the plant equipment allows piles to be installed in hard-to-reach locations.

  • Steel Pin Foundation:
  • The steel pins are designed from 200mm to 610mm in diameter with various wall thicknesses to carry superstructures with high moment loadings and small footprints. They are particularly well suited to sites where space is at a premium and programming constraints preclude the use of concrete due to curing times.

  • Track Bed Toolbox:
  • Aspin® have developed a proven technology in delivering the track bed toolbox for our clients. The solutions include ground improvement techniques and pile techniques.

  • Earthworks:
  • Aspin® have the skills and ability to undertake significant Earthworks programmes for our clients. Our earthworks’ offering includes an innovative multidiscipline of earthworks services including slope stabilisation, drainage, culvert cess retention and retaining walls scheme. It is a portfolio of proven ground stabilisation techniques which can be tailored to suit the specific merits of each location.

  • Station Platform Extension:
  • Aspin® have developed the Aspin® platform solution which enables platform extensions to be installed utilising a modular method. This enables platforms to be installed in a very short time period.

  • Retaining Walls:
  • Retaining walls can be designed, delivered and installed to suit each location using a variety of methods including sheet piling, Redi Rock and King Post (methods).

  • Underpinning:
  • Aspin® Foundations offers a wide range of underpinning techniques including traditional excavated bases, internal and external piling with beams and/or slabs.

  • Bored Piles:
  • Aspin® Foundations offers sectional continuous bored piling with diameters ranging from 150mm to 610mm. Techniques include open auger, case and auger, tremmie placement of grout or concrete and grout or concrete injected piles (CFA). The larger diameter piles can be installed in headrooms as low as 4.5m.

  • Driven Piling:
  • Steel cased bottom driven bearing piles can be installed using pneumatic hammers or drop weights with pile diameters ranging from 75mm up to 323mm. These piles have the advantage of being self-testing and spoil free. For foundations where the moment loading is predominant and space is limited, we can offer a top or side driven vibrated steel tubular pile up to 610mm in diameter.

  • Screw Piles:
  • These piles can be designed to have single or multiple discreet flights with diameters up to 750mm. The piles are spoil free and self testing during installation.

Aspin® Foundations has "link up" approval for the works in the rail environment. The system implementations required for this approval are used for all of the operating divisions. The quality and health and safety requirements for work in the rail sector provide the benchmark for all of the works carried out by Aspin® Foundations.

Our management and site operatives are PTS qualified and it is our aim that at all times, our management and operatives have On track Plant certification. We are an ISO 9001 accredited company.

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