Plant & Transport Services

In-house plant, transport and logistics function to support the delivery of operations

We own, manage and operate a fleet of specialist adapted Road Rail Vehicles and attachments, all with appropriate trailers allowing them to be effectively utilised on road or rail, and all of which are capable of delivering substructure and superstructure solutions.

We also have low loader and hiab lorries to support the transportation of plant and equipment to and from site.

Plant & Transport

We own and operate a unique range of machines and attachments, which are available to complement the foundations, civil engineering and site investigation works that we specialise in.

We run one of the largest road rail vehicle mounted vibro and impact attachments, which can be used successfully in sheet piling, OLE and track stabilisation areas of the rail infrastructure, as well as many other circumstances.

We have one of the largest fleets of the Italian built Colmar T10000, known as one of the heaviest RRV based lifters on Network Rail infrastructure.  We have worked closely with Colmar to develop the T10000 and this development has seen it rise in demand with other tail plant suppliers in the UK.

Following our success in the OLE market, we recognise the need for a bigger road rail fleet and will continue to invest heavily in our plant and transport function to make sure we always offer the best service and equipment to our customers.

We are accredited with our own POS licence that not only recognises the experience we have, but also our commitment to delivering high quality foundations, civil engineering, geotechnical and structural engineering products to our clients, utilising our own specialist plant and equipment.

Examples of our plant fleet include:

Colmar T10000

  • Capable of lifting in excess of 10 tonne on rail
  • Extending arm giving 3 tonne lift at 9 metre offsets
  • Fully NWR approved ALO Compliant

Liebherr A900zw

  • Fully NWR approved ALO compliant
  • Versatile in running several of our piling attachments

Case WX170

  • Fully NWR ALO compliant
  • Complements larger RRV fleet with piling works
  • Flexible in taking many of our attachments including log-grab and flail


  • Capable of installing up to 762 diameter piles at above 7 metres in length
  • Sheet piles up to 12 metres in length
  • Largest UK owner of Movax attachments with 11 units in the fleet


  • Adapted with the PR1100 leader giving it greater advantage at working under OLE or height restricted areas
  • Control system able to adjust drop height and impact frequency specific to piling conditions


  • Tracked impact rigs used in our renewable energy ventures
  • Able to be adapted to torque head drilling roles
  • Light and easily transportable
Plant & Transport

Our Plant & Transport team are here to answer your questions

Aspin provide a wide range of Plant & Transport services - we have a highly experienced team of operatives and consultants in place across 7 UK locations.