Survey, Site & Ground Investigation

Our survey teams use the latest technologies to ensure all aspects of the site and its risks are understood.

For many years we have been specifying and undertaking surveys for our clients. These include topographic surveys to understand surface features and contours, site surveys to understand the structures or drainage, for example, present on a site, or ground investigations which allow us to understand the geotechnical or contamination aspects of the ground itself. This information can be passed to clients or it can be used by our in-house teams to design any type of foundation, strengthening or geo-environmental solution.

Survey, Site & Ground Investigation

Our approach to surveys is risk based - we undertake only those surveys which are required to ensure enough is learnt about the site or ground. If presented with a specification from a third-party, we typically significantly reduce the extent, allowing our clients to make substantial savings.

We own the majority of the equipment we use which ensures that we can react swiftly to your needs.

Typically we can undertake the following for clients:

  • Survey specification and planning
  • Traditional topographic surveys
  • LiDAR / laser scanning - handheld, tripod / trolley mounted and drone / UAV mounted
  • Borehole excavation and logging
  • Window sampling and logging
  • Soil parameter testing
  • Contamination testing
  • Gas / ground water monitoring
  • Geo-Environmental studies

A wide range of inspection and testing services can also be provided.

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