CFA / SFA Piling

A full design and installation service for all CFA / SFA piling solutions with our comprehensive fleet of piling rigs

We design and install bored piles with our continuous flight auger (CFA) / Sectional flight auger (SFA) piling rigs and have a wide variety of auger diameter sizes available, with a typical range of 450mm to 1200mm with maximum depths normally up to 30 metres.

CFA / SFA piling offers a low noise, low vibration solution with rapid on site set up.  We are capable of providing a full range of installation methods and piling applications, and will identify the most appropriate solution for the situation.

CFA / SFA Piling

We can provide a nationwide full consultation service from initial site visit through to design and installation.

CFA / SFA applications include:

  • Deep bored bearing piles
  • Contiguous piled walls
  • Basement construction
  • Low noise and minimal vibration sites

Our Foundations & Piling team are here to answer your questions

Aspin provides extensive Foundations & Piling services to various sectors of industry - we have a highly experienced team of consultants in place across 7 UK locations.