Aspin Inspiring Young Women in Hemel Hempstead

To mark International Women's Day, Aspin Head of Human Resources, Alice Bromwich, represented the company at a special event, held in close proximity to our head offices in Hemel Hempstead, called Inspiring Girls. We were delighted to speak with one of the event organisers, Jeni Thakrar, who gave us an insight into the work of Inspiring Girls.

Here is what Jeni had to say, "The Inspiring Girls Hemel Hempstead project was established at the start of 2018. Its aim is simple: to connect young female secondary-school age students with credible and authentic women role-models from the local area. This initiative is vital for our community for a number of reasons: research indicates that children, as young as seven, are deciding what is gender appropriate in terms of future career options. Additionally, lots of organisations point to the lack of a female pipeline as a reason for their Gender Pay Gaps, or lack of women in senior positions.

The Inspiring Girls Hemel Hempstead project aims to get young girls thinking about different career options through listening to stories shared by our volunteer speakers, who include women in finance, architecture, economics, law, HR, construction, engineering, aviation, media, photography – as well as a variety of women entrepreneurs.

Each of the events also cover themes associated with resilience, self-belief, grit and determination. But most of all, about raising aspirations for girls and proving that our gender must not hold us back from realising our passions and our potential.

In the year that Inspiring Girls Hemel Hempstead has been live, its events have reached just under 450 girls."

It is a privilege to support initiatives like Inspiring Girls and we look forward to working with them more in the near future.