Expertise Insight - Ground Investigations

Nick Bisby, Senior Geologist and Ground Investigation Manager explains:

Ground Investigation (GI) is an integral part of any construction project, providing information about the soil, rock and groundwater beneath a site. Unforeseen ground conditions often have a significant impact on construction costs and completion times; the aim of the GI is to reduce ground related risk and cost throughout the lifetime of a project.

Extensive Knowledge

Aspin’s GI team has an extensive knowledge gained from years of experience carrying out ground investigations all over the UK and abroad. Our investigations are supervised by one of our engineers, who hold degrees in geology and are Fellows of the Geological Society, have good communication skills and strong technical knowledge.

Sample testing

The GI team uses several methods to recover samples and information from the ground, using our own drilling rigs or specialist subcontractors, from simple hand dug trial pits to larger multi-disciplinary investigations. Samples are sent to the laboratory for testing of their physical properties, particularly strength, and for chemical tests, typically to aid concrete design and for contamination testing. Information gathered during an investigation is stored in our geotechnical database software, HoleBASE, allowing us to build a large archive of information from previous investigations.

Award winners

At Aspin, the GI team provides the first step in delivering an end-to-end product, from the initial investigation to the final build. The GI team has grown over seven years from a one rig operation, collaborating with the internal design team, to a nine-strong group of engineers and drillers and recently winning a British Drilling Association Industry Excellence award for innovation.

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Expertise Insight - Ground Investigations