Press Release: Advanced asset protection with Oxifree

Aspin is introducing the next step in advanced asset protection for the rail, highways and infrastructure sectors with an exclusive new strategic alliance with Oxifree Global Ltd, the award-winning worldwide specialists in tackling corrosion.

Oxifree TM198 will now be available as part of the Aspin range of solutions. It is an environmentally-friendly, fast acting thermoplastic and easily-applied coating that provides 100% protection against corrosion and contamination. It significantly reduces the costs of maintenance and repairs by extending the life of assets such as sign and signal posts. It’s proven in use in challenging environments including marine, offshore oil and gas and industrial and heavy industries.


Announcing the partnership Scott Harrison, Aspin Group Development Director said: “Corrosion has long been a significant problem for our clients and the sectors in which we operate, impacting every aspect of efficiency including downtime and safety, not to mention contributing to vast repair and maintenance bills. So we are very pleased to form this important strategic partnership with Oxifree that takes innovation and solutions for our clients to the next level.”

Ed Hall, Managing Director of Oxifree Global added: “This is a natural partnership for us as we share Aspin’s vision to providing innovative, premium quality solutions that deliver tangible operational and cost benefits. Oxifree has committed significant investment to supporting our partners and end clients in the UK with service centres and training facilities based in England and NE Scotland. Quality of service and application of our products is paramount. Close co-operation with partners like Aspin help us control and enforce these values, to the benefit and value of the end customer.”

How it works

Oxifree TM198 works in conjunction with Oxitape, together providing immediate and fast acting protection for metals. The coating can be applied to live equipment without the need for costly shut downs. It provides protection immediately as it cools and solidifies within seconds on impact, even in the most extreme of environments.

TM198 is melted down from a solid environmentally-friendly resin and is applied using a heated hose and gun, with minimal need for surface preparation. It has built-in corrosion inhibitors, to protect static and moving parts and allows for easy maintenance and inspection without damaging the substrate.  
Oxifree material has been thoroughly tested to 11,688 hours of “industry standard” Salt Spray test, which complies with ASTM B117 corrosion testing which is equivalent to over 50 years ‘in the field’.

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