McGrattan Piling - Overview

McGrattan Piling are a Brand of Aspin Group Ltd and specialise in Steel and Concrete Piling throughout the UK

McGrattan Piling and Supplies Ltd was founded in 1995 and was acquired by Aspin in 2013.


McGrattan Piling

McGrattan Piling specialises in the design and construction of driven steel and concrete piling.  We provide both permanent and temporary sheet pile solutions for retaining walls, cofferdams and marine works.  We also provide specialist steel and concrete foundation piling.

Our design and construction methods are always current and best practice based on the project requirements, geotechnical and environmental conditions.  Our piling equipment is continually updated to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

With our in-house design team and significant stocks of steel sheet piles, tubular piles and framing material we are able to respond very quickly and build lasting relationships by providing safe, cost effective and technically superior solutions.

Plant and Equipment

We use plant and equipment that has been specifically designed and built for the piling operation it is employed for.  Our Leader Rigs can be fitted with numerous attachments including vibrators, impact hammers, auger drives and silent and vibration-less pile press system. We also have crane suspended vibrators and impact hammers and can provide stand-alone silent and vibration-less piling rigs.

For lighter and shorter steel piling operations we use excavator mounted vibrators and Movax equipment, which provide greater flexibility and reach in difficult to access works.

Our operatives are highly experienced and undergo continuous training on existing and new skills and equipment.  Many of our operatives have been in continuous employment with McGrattan for more than 10 years.

Steel Pile Sales and Hire

We have a large stock of new and used sheet piles, steel tubular piles and framing material.  All of which are available for sale or hire at short notice at very competitive rates.

Foundation Piling

We design, install, test and warrant permanent foundation piling solutions, and with our breadth of geotechnical experience we can provide cost effective solutions from feasibility stage through to construction.

Design Solutions

We evaluate geotechnical, environment, safety and financial factors to provide one, or a combination of the following solutions:

  • Driven Steel Tubular Piling
  • Driven Precast Concrete Piles
  • Driven Steel H Piles
  • Mini Bottom Driven Cased Piles

Installation Techniques

Our construction methods are very effective and are achieved using technique specific plant and equipment.


We are able to accommodate any testing regime that has been specified and if requested assist in preparing a suitable testing regime which could include one, or a combination of static load testing (on both Preliminary and Working piles), dynamic load testing using CAPWAP analysis, integrity testing if required on concrete piles and also lateral load testing, should this be a major factor in the pile design.

We have very good relationships with several of the large piling material suppliers within the UK which allows us to source materials swiftly.  As a company with ISO9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 we ensure that all of our suppliers are properly vetted and that they carry all suitable accreditation.

McGrattan Piling

We offer the following services:




Collaborative working on all aspects of civil engineering for the public sector on all types and sizes of projects. From one-off site inspections to fully integrated solutions.



Nationwide design and consultancy services led by Chartered Civil, Structural and Geotechnical engineers. As award-winning survey, investigation and design teams, they produce innovative solutions.



Long established as a leading provider of piling and foundations for high integrity support of above ground structures. Delivering performance that suits the application, ground and environmental conditions.



Aspin is unique in the industry to own and operate an extensive fleet of specialist plant and equipment including award-winning solutions that save time and money on site. A FORS Accreditation gives extra assurance of a first class service.



Geological analysis, full structural assessments and asset lifecyle management. Ground investigations, inspections and surveys, special inspections, non-destructive testing, design assessments and more besides.



Investing in skills development across the business is key to Aspin’s quality commitment. With accreditation from the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering (NSARE), there’s a dedicated training division and centre.

The McGrattan Piling team are here to answer your questions

As part of the Aspin, McGrattan PIling can provide highly skilled operatives out of 7 locations across the UK.