Expertise Insight – BIM Explained

Around Aspin, there are many crucial areas of expertise that make up the total solutions for the customer, helping to solve their project challenges from a single expert supplier. One of these is BIM modelling but what is it and what are the customer benefits?

Atticus Borrie, Aspin’s BIM Manager explains:

Put simply, BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process that uses the latest technology to help design, construction and operation and asset management. As an evolution of the design process, BIM aims to tackle inefficiencies and waste within the construction industry. 

Improved information

A main benefit is improved information sharing for better-informed decision making earlier in the process, helping to avoid costly mistakes.

The construction industry traditionally uses paper drawings to build from. But BIM allows the combination of 3D models with data (such as size, location, asset type) to provide an improved overall view of the project for everyone involved throughout design, construction, operation, asset management. It’s a whole lifecycle solution for design, construction, operation, asset management and maintenance activities in all sectors.

Intelligence in a click

For example, on a BIM project we can view a 3D model of, say, a signal gantry or a station platform can be viewed and how Aspin’s piling services fit within it.  The model can be ‘spun’ around, and the user can zoom in/out and take measurements. Installation data can then be added so Route Asset Managers, for instance, have information for later use.

At Aspin, BIM work is used for design authoring, coordination and review and for drawing production and for customers, there is scope for even greater intelligence and application to provide  better insight and more confidence in a project with improved accuracy and efficiency.

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Expertise Insight – BIM Explained