R2R 4x4 SIV


  • British Drilling Association: Industry Excellence Winner, 2017
  • UK Rail Industry Awards 2018: Finalist
  • Ground Engineering Awards 2018: Finalist
  • Rail Partnership Awards 2018: Finalist, safety



Our acclaimed R2R 4x4 SIV (Land Rover) overcomes Network Rail’s 2015 restriction on link trolleys carrying more than one ton. This means that track window sample rigs, such as Dart & Dando rigs have to be transported to site using three trolleys. This process adds cost and time to track works.

In partnership with respected rail industry track maintenance transport specialist, Aquarius Railroad Technologies, the new Land Rover R2R 4x4 SIV was developed with a Dart mast mounted on the rear. It has Network Rail approval.

It replaces the need for using hand trolleys and significantly reduces the time and labour needed to collect essential ground investigation data, offering safe travel under live overhead line equipment.


Safety and high output

With Aspin’s new solution, track access time can be reduced by 80%, achieving more than double the output of conventional methods. Safety is improved as the risk of fatigue, slips, trips and falls is reduced along with manual handling thanks to the innovative design.

Access to the rail network is also made easier as the vehicle can access most step-free points or use approved foam track access platforms as well as traversing nearby off road agricultural terrain.

Visit Aspin's Vimeo Channel Watch how simple it is to get the SIV onto track

Visit Aspin's Vimeo Channel Watch the simple positioning of the drilling rig

Visit Aspin's Vimeo Channel Watch how simple it is to get the SIV off track

How it works

A combination of the R2R4x4 SIV with the Aquarius R2R Plant Trailer to take a second GI rig for Aspin work is now in use. This is to produce maximum output in minimum time on track – essential as possessions times are constantly being decreased.  All samples are carried on the R2R4x4 & R2R Plant Trailer along with the GI Team (no more slips trips and falls from walking on track). Having two rigs means that GI samples can also be collected beyond the four-foot, in the cess and six-foot. 

Aquarius helped with product acceptance and adapting the rig with fail -safe and rescue fittings. The drilling rig was designed so that it can be removed from the Land Rover to increase the flexibility of the unit and enable exploratory holes to be formed in the cess. The equipment is run by a team of two drillers, who at Aspin, also look after the company’s safety case (POS) and supervise the machine. Aquarius provides the driver. The Land Rover can access at most step free access points and as a last resort is able to use approved foam track access platforms which are lightweight and can be transported in medium sized vans.


  • Safe and sustainable transport for up to four operatives (on rail) and two on road plus equipment
  • People safety improved as risk of fatigue, slips and falls is reduced
  • Retractable barrier that protects operatives during ALO (adjacent line open) work.
  • Fast, safe and economical way to facilitate ground investigations
  • Effective solution to the restriction on the use of link trolleys
  • It is quick and easy to on / off track, reducing access time by up to 80% and more
  • than doubles the output vs conventional methods
  • Minimal disruption to the rail network during works
  • It can use road to rail trailers so consumables or even a second rig can be
  • transported to site
  • Network Rail approved

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