Modular Platform Solutions for Rail

Modular platform solutions provide the way to achieve significant savings on site as they offer rapid, flexible and easy installation with less waste. An altogether more sustainable solution.

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Designed to allow increased capacity on station platforms, our modular platform system is built off site, significantly reducing installation time and labour compared with traditionally built platforms.

Modular Train Platform Extensions

Stations must be able to accommodate an increasing requirement for longer trains and a rise in passenger numbers.  Our modular platform solution, is designed to support both these increases, while minimising impact on station operations during installation. 

Our service includes the design of the platform, complete piling and foundation works, installation of the transfer structure and the installation of the platform slabs to the align level. 

As the platform extensions are constructed off-site the requirement for wet trades is removed and less waste is generated, less transport and labour means reduced carbon waste, reduced installation times mean less time is spent on track in potential hazardous conditions and together with the cost savings that off-site prefabrication brings, this system provides real advantages to the railway infrastructure.


The modular solution provides important advantages over a traditional cross wall and plank construction:

  • Savings; in excavation and construction materials, on site working, construction time and whole life costs
  • Reduced risk; reduced construction risk and requirement for possessions
  • Track stability; reduced impact
  • Improved safety, quality and environmental performance
  • Long life; higher quality and longer life, with reduced maintenance
  • Increased flexibility for temporary and future alignment of platforms
  • Improved capability for future upgrades
  • High integrity and robust
  • Equivalent capital cost of a traditional solution but with a lower lifetime ownership cost


Modular Rail Platform Solutions

Service Focus - Platform Solutions

Aspin’s pre-cast platform solutions are just part of an extensive range of services that Aspin provides for the UK’s rail industry. They offer important advantages over cross wall and plank construction.
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