Modular Steel Frame Construction

Offering a wide variety of innovative design solutions, for any site conditions, for either modular or bespoke steel frame projects

We specialise in inner city / brown-field developments and can offer foundation solutions with little or no ‘muck away’ and as a result of pioneering the use of recycled driven steel tube piles, we are reducing our carbon footprint and spoil waste removal.

Working in Partnership with Hadley Steel

The Hadley Frame provides a lighter, easier to erect alternative to steel or concrete primary frames. 

It is a complete, pre-panelised standalone steel frame structure, ideal for medium rise buildings across all commercial and residential sectors.

Modular Steel Frame Construction

Robust engineered structure

  • Pre-engineered components providing accurate structure
  • Ability to incorporate concrete floors
  • Flexibility to incorporate most external cladding systems

Early Commencement of Following Trades

  • Initial fire protection and ceiling grid installation can commence two weeks after floor installation
  • 1st fix M&E services can follow ceiling grid installation
  • Roof coverings will follow roof structure. At this point the building should predominantly be a dry envelope allowing immediate commencement of dry lining and internal non load bearing partitions

Genuine Fast Track Structure

  • Off-site fabrication of wall panels
  • Erection rarely hampered by weather
  • Storey height panels including stair / lift enclosures
  • Each cycle incorporates stair flights
  • No masonry requirements anywhere within structural envelope
  • Window support plates provided, allowing window installation commencement one floor below structural frame progress
  • Inert frame producing no settlement allowing external masonry leaf to commence immediately behind window installation albeit off the critical path
Modular Steel Frame Construction

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