Survey, Site & Ground Investigation

Insights into your sites

Aspin’s commitment to ‘quality and innovation from the ground up’ starts with site and ground investigation. A ground investigation survey and site investigation report will provide the foundations for critical decisions on construction projects – making a significant contribution to success.

The latest technologies are used by the specialist teams to ensure all aspects of the site and its risks are understood prior to the start of works, helping the works planning. A site investigation and testing services will help to avoid costly mistakes and project delays when the work is under-way.
Supported by the Aspin-owned fleet of plant and equipment as well as specialist access equipment, it means that surveys can take place safely, rapidly and to plan. And because the whole service can be delivered and project-managed by a single supplier, it dramatically reduces time and demands on clients’ management resources.   It’s a service that’s widely acclaimed in multiple sectors including rail, highways, waterways and industry.
Aspin is a member of the British Drilling Association and has an extensive portfolio of survey options and associated specialist testing and inspection services. Technical reports are provided to clients and/or used by Aspin to design any type of foundation, strengthening or geo-environmental solution, including:

  • Topographical surveys to understand surface features and contours
  • Site surveys to understand the structures or drainage
  • Ground investigations to reveal the geotechnical or contamination aspects
    • Analysis of ground and groundwater conditions
    • Ideal for providing data to assist with investment and asset management planning
    • Special plant and equipment for challenging sites
    • Desk studies
    • Soil and rock sampling
    • In-situ testing
    • Instrumentation and monitoring
    • Geotechnical and geo environmental laboratory testing

Site Investigation Reports – techniques overview

Aspin teams are skilled at collecting and providing accurate data for planning works, using the latest and proven techniques and equipment.
Aspin has an ongoing skills development and investment programme and the know-how to deliver to the most demanding briefs – why not contact the team to discuss your needs?

  • Trial pitting
  • Window sampling and dynamic probing
  • Cable percussion
  • Rotary boreholes
  • Coring
  • CPT(u)
  • Monitoring
  • Long Reach with platform
  • NEW and award-winning R2R road to rail Land Rover
  • Survey specification and planning
  • LiDAR / laser scanning - handheld, tripod / trolley mounted and drone / UAV mounted
  • Borehole excavation and logging
  • Soil parameter testing
  • Contamination testing
  • Gas / ground water monitoring
  • Geo-Environmental studies

Minimising risk and cost of site investigation

Aspin’s approach to surveys is risk based - only those surveys which are required to ensure enough is learnt about the site or ground are undertaken. If presented with a specification from a third-party, the extent of the survey works can be adjusted, allowing clients to make substantial savings.

Innovative investigation solutions at Huntingdon

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