Driven Piling

Driven piles are a total engineering solution and Aspin has delivered thousands of projects that use these methods to provide time-tested and cost effective, high integrity deep foundations in a wide variety of ground conditions.

The flexibility of this solution means it can also be used in other applications such as pile-supported embankments, sound wall barriers, retaining walls, bulkheads, mooring structures, anchorage structures and cofferdams.​

Driven Piling

For rail, highways and all types of civil engineering projects, Aspin’s specialist teams operate nationwide to provide a full design and installation service tailored to each individual situation. All types of proven techniques are covered, with a full service from design, delivery, and installation using Aspin-owned plant and equipment which saves the critical project time associated with managing multiple suppliers.

Sustainable Piling Solutions

Spoils: Driven piles also help to deliver sustainability targets as they usually produce no spoils that need to be removed, so costly disposal of earthworks and/or potentially hazardous materials can be avoided.
Cost savings: Installation times are rapid and the wide variety of materials (including recycled steel) and shapes means they are strong and can be driven to increased working loads which means fewer piles per project, saving on foundation costs.
Recycling: Aspin’s steel tubed and kingpost piles can be made from recycled materials

Types of Piles

Aspin designs and install all types of driven piles with a wide variety of installation techniques and equipment.

Screw (helical) piles

  • Removable and re-usable
  • Fast and versatile option for many comparably lightly loaded structures such as roadside signs and gantries, multi-applications for rail and highways
  • Fast installation with hand held or mini excavator mounted torque motor, with low noise
  • No concrete required for time and money savings

Driven steel tubular piles

  • Tubular, steel cased micro, steel bearing and kingpost
  • Driven or vibrated into the ground with Movax, Fambo attachments supported by the fleet of driven piling rigs
  • Steel tubed and kingpost piles are made from recycled materials
  • Wide range of pile sizes for all applications
  • Minimal waste and slender section design to minimise vibration

Steel pin piles

  • A patented Aspin innovation
  • Rapid construction thanks to an all-dry and vibration-free process
  • Highly versatile for superstructures with high bending movements such as in rail and effective in
  • Ideal for limited spaces, with rapid delivery
  • One steel pin foundation can be installed approximately every two hours

Continuous flight auger piles (CFA)

  • Rapid installation to depths up to 25 metres
  • Rapid on site set up and high production rates for more lightly loaded structures
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Wide variety of auger diameter sizes with ranges from 450mm to 1200mm, facilitating the most economical use of construction materials
  • One steel pin foundation can be installed approximately every two hours

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Driven Piling

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