Large Diameter Piling

Offering a full design and installation service for both the commercial and infrastructure industries with piling rigs tailored to suit any given site conditions

Our highly trained staff are skilled in the design and installation of large diameter and deep bored piles.

Our mast machines are self-erecting and establishment time on site is shorter than for crane-mounts and for contracts with small sites and / or few piles which can be an advantage. Crane-mounts are more suitable for the larger diameter and deeper pile range and the most appropriate solution is selected for the situation.

All of our rigs are fitted with a rotary boring unit which operates a kelly bar, with boring tools fitted. This equipment can be used to construct large diameter piles in a wide range of strata, including very soft silty clays, non-cohesive soils and weak rocks.

Large Diameter Piling

The rigs can impart a vertical load on to the kelly bar to improve production in difficult strata and in addition to installing vertical piles, rigs within our fleet can install raking piles, up to 1:4 rake, without modification.

When specifying machinery to projects full consideration is given in respect to application, environment and ease of access and egress onto site.

Installation Methods

We are able to offer a full range of installation methods and piling applications to provide the most appropriate solution required including:

  • Crane based
  • Self-erecting mast
  • Boring tools up to 2400mm
  • Bored, cased piles
  • Deep bore piling

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